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I am an ordained non-denominational minister and a legally authorized wedding officiant that can help you design your wedding ceremony bringing meaning to the most important day of your life. I serve the entire state of Rhode Island as well as Central Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts. I am a “creative ceremony designer” certified from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute and have a solid background in the history of ritual, ceremony design and the traditions of many cultures, beliefs and religions. With the globalization of our culture most couples are interfaith, multi- culture, interracial, same gender, agnostic and atheist. ¬†Times have changed and the trend of couples getting married outside a House of Worship, and the legalization of same-sex marriage leaves a lot of room for creativity and personalization. This is new territory and often times couples are overwhelmed of what to include. I have developed a specific process to gather your information so I can co-create your ceremony based on your own beliefs, stories and values that define you as a couple. I do not write from a rote script because I feel each couple is unique. You are not going to get a ceremony script with your names filled in. You will get a completely original custom ceremony. I offer many ideas and suggestions of what your ceremony can evolve into. My speciality is merging the traditional with a contemporary flair. What sets me apart is the uniqueness of my writing, my intuition and sensitivity to all parties involved. I craft a ceremony in a way that is inclusive of your guests so they are intimately part of your wedding and feel honored to be invited. My signature piece is your “Love Story” which I weave through your ceremony. I give voice to your love for each other and who you are as a couple. Once I finish your draft you will have complete freedom to edit any segment that you are not comfortable with so you know exactly what will be said. I also offer a Keepsake copy of the completed ceremony so you can re-visit that moment in time. ETF trading platform For me being a celebrant is an extraordinary privilege. In a very short space of time couples share with me their most intimate and personal ¬†thoughts on love and marriage. These experiences has shaped and developed the many inspiring ceremonies that I have been honored to create and share. I am passionate about my work and it would be a honor for me to create a wedding ceremony that will make you feel that you made the best possible choice. My fees range from $425 to $775. Visit my service page to read more: Wishing you many blessings as you journey on a new BRIGHT PATH! Debbie ¬†¬†