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Did you know that on March 20, 2016 it was not only the first day of spring but also the International Day of Happiness, that is a global celebration? Well that is something I didn’t know about, but I found that out when I met Laura and Andrew. I just married them . . . → Click Here


There seems to be a new movement lately to describe certain businesses “boutique”, such as boutique hotel, boutique banking, boutique clothing store and in my industry, boutique weddings. The original word is french for “shop”, and it was used often in describing a property or item in the independent sector in order . . . → Click Here


So far my 2016 wedding ceremony season has started off with lots of surprises. Literally-every year brings something new and this was a first for me. I have performed ceremonies where the couple held a party but didn’t tell their guests it was for their wedding, but I have never officiated a . . . → Click Here

Creating-sacred-space for a quick wedding

I started my 2016 wedding season this passed Saturday very unexpectedly. I received the call one week before the couples scheduled date. This couples has been together for 15 years and had a four year old daughter. They were planning a summer wedding this year but a work situation for one of . . . → Click Here


Ocean House beach wedding

“Your pal is becoming a minister for a day to marry you? Really? Maybe your Aunt Joan who makes great deviled eggs can be your caterer.”

Getting married will be the most important decision you make in your life. Without . . . → Click Here

Tea- for -Two

I ended my wedding season on a sweet note!! I married two women who have been together for 30 years and had their ceremony at their favorite tea shop and confectionary store. Not only was the shop sweet (no pun intended) but Denise and Linda were adorable. My interview process allows me . . . → Click Here


This was the season of Beach and Barefoot Wedding Ceremonies, which are now my favorite spot to officiate. Something happens to a person when you take off your shoes and feel soft sand in your toes. The tension just melts away and then on top of it the sound of the ocean . . . → Click Here

Seeing the Difference

As a professional wedding officiant and a new resident in the state of Rhode Island, I wanted to get to know my fell Rhode Island vendors. I recently joined the Rhode Island Wedding Group (RIWG), which is an association of wedding professionals whose mission is to enhance each other’s work, refer each . . . → Click Here

Bridal-wedding shows

I love Bridal shows, although they can get a bit crazy. However I think they serve an important service for couples to get valuable information concerning what types of vendors are available in their area. But in this day and age the word “Bridal” is written on every publication pertaining to weddings. . . . → Click Here


This time of year is my slower season which gives me the opportunity to pause, regroup and evaluate my passed year, personally and professionally. Professionally I hit my goals and personally I lost two imported people in my life. My mother in law, 87 years old  and my cousin’s husband, 53 years . . . → Click Here