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Enso painting wedding ritual

My profession as a wedding officiant and ordained minister is to create a ceremony that takes into consideration what once was familiar to society is not very clear today. Most couples are confused of what to include that will honor their diverse backgrounds and traditions. The beauty of tradition is the familiar, and the security of what many generations have passed down. The familiar helps us feel connected to our community but often does not feel familiar to the couple getting married. This globalization of our society forces society to create new traditions and rituals so we can continue to feel connected. This is why Ritual is so important in a wedding ceremony to bridge the gap of tradition and modern day life. This is why as an officiant I need to understand and honor this shift in consciousness. I take the familiar and add modern day flair to create a ritual so unfamiliar but feels so right for the couple.

I recently married a same sex couple who practiced Buddhism. They practiced the art of Enso painting which is a Japanese ink painting mindfulness meditation. Staying true to their practice I suggested they do this painting as their unity ritual. The Zen Buddhism on Enso is a circle that is hand drawn in one brushstroke to express a moment which the mind is free to let the body create. It symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, and elegance. Once the Enso is drawn, one does not change it. There is so much metaphor to the Enso that relates to a marriage, so I had them hold the paintbrush together and draw together in one fluid stroke and center on the moment they became wed. This ritual was familiar to them; it helped them be in the moment; it brought them enlightenment and gave them strength. To watch them participate in this ritual was elegance in motion!

Written by Debbie Belaus

Debbie Belaus

I am a Life Cycle Officiant and ordained minister. I received my Celebrancy diploma from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in 2010. I am highly trained in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and faith traditions, ceremonial writing, public speaking and presentation.