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Seeing the Difference

As a professional wedding officiant and a new resident in the state of Rhode Island, I wanted to get to know my fell Rhode Island vendors. I recently joined the Rhode Island Wedding Group (RIWG), which is an association of wedding professionals whose mission is to enhance each other’s work, refer each other and grow our individual businesses. It has been a wonderful experience for me to be involved especially getting to know other wedding professionals work personally. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so much talent. It takes a village to create a wedding and I am fascinated with all the different vendors that make a wedding come alive.

For my next coming blogs I will be highlighted people I have worked closely with and sharing their story, what makes them stand out and why I would recommend them so you can “See the Difference”.

This week, I’ll be starting with Nicole Gesmondi who is the owner of Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC. Nicole’s fine art background and contagious enthusiasm for creative photography is inspirational. She approaches every wedding and portrait session as an opportunity to create works of art for her clients home.

Nicole was very young when she was given a camera. She photographed anything and everything from family members to zebra’s at the zoo. In her sophomore year of High School, she took her first photography class in a traditional darkroom and was immediately hooked. She followed her passion for photography to the Hartford Art School in CT and graduated with a BFA in Photography in May of 2005. At the time she was working at a local portrait studio and assisting two local wedding photographers and building her own business on the side. Once she realized she could make a career being a professional she jumped in and never looked back.

I think because of Nicole’s fine art background she has an eye that can capture a moment in time and make it come alive. She can make the wind move in a still picture and can show joy and love besides just a smile on a face. She also uses the natural landscape that surrounds the couple so a viewer can feel the type of day it is. She makes her pictures move while standing still. That’s the difference she brings to her work.

Many couples don’t know the value of a good photographer until they have a bad experience. More then any other wedding professional the photographer will probably be with a couple almost all day. Nicole says: “Our clients need to be comfortable with us, that’s when the “magic happens” as we call it.

With so many photography studios turning into a “one stop shop” and a “jack of all trades”, Nicole prefers to remain a boutique photography studio. She likes the focus to be a one on one experience offering advice and a comfortable environment. She has created a beautiful studio at 35 Baker Street, Providence, RI for her clients to view her work or have a photo shoot.

Most of Nicole’s clients appreciate art and see the value in hiring a professional photographer. After all the time and planning that couples put into their wedding, they want high quality photos to document the day. They usually come wanting something different that is unique to them.

Nicole’s pictures tell a story and emote a feeling. She can see something beyond what is happening and that is “Seeing the Difference”.

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Written by Debbie Belaus

Debbie Belaus

I am a Life Cycle Officiant and ordained minister. I received my Celebrancy diploma from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in 2010. I am highly trained in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and faith traditions, ceremonial writing, public speaking and presentation.