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Congratulations your engaged and every company related to weddings start to hound you. So who do you hire first? The officiant-why you ask? The wedding officiant sets the tone for the rest of your day and also the officiant makes you legal. Without the legal officiant pronouncing you married and sending in your marriage license you might as well just have a party.

Don’t wait until the last minute to locate an officiant. With the globalization of our culture times have changed.The trend of couples getting married outside a house of worship and the legalization of same sex marriage leaves room for the officiant to be creative with the ceremony. This is new territory and modern celebrants need to be educated in traditions of many cultures, beliefs and religions and also be able to merge the traditional with todays contemporary view points.

An educated and professional officiant will ask you questions about what you want to include and what you don’t want to include. They should be able to give ideas of how the ceremony could flow and what to include to represent the needs of the couple. An officiant shouldn’t only be compliant with the state the couple is getting married in but also be a ceremony designer.

Years ago most people got married in their house of worship and the ceremony was straight forward and all the same. I’m not saying this is wrong but there needs to be options for todays couples who want something original, fresh and creative and true to their personalities and life choices.

So when looking for a wedding officiant make sure they are legally qualified and also ask how they develop their ceremonies to fit your needs. Especially don’t wait until the last minute to find one,without them you can’t get married.

Written by Debbie Belaus

Debbie Belaus

I am a Life Cycle Officiant and ordained minister. I received my Celebrancy diploma from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in 2010. I am highly trained in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and faith traditions, ceremonial writing, public speaking and presentation.